Stay Young With Reiki. Find out more.

I have been a Reiki Master / Teacher for 18 years. Reiki has changed my life, my mindset & interactions with others for the better. Also, in my belief, it holds back the aging process in both mind & body giving the face a younger appearance. 5d751569-5ca7-489c-a672-818c8fd690fd.jpegObtain perfect balance in your life.

Reiki is the simplest method of rejuvenating body, mind & spirit. It is a way of positively utilising the endless energy known as “Universal Life Energy “ to revitalise and restore harmony to your life. It is not a religion, a form or exercise or meditation.

You will learn & experience. 63263BA1-1C81-450D-8F60-1DF2C4FDAA22

– How to reduce stress in your life & increase productivity.

– How to give yourself a treatment to boost health & wellbeing.

– How to use your personal power.

– Goal setting.

– Centering and focusing techniques.

– How to treat others with Reiki.

Learn to love yourself, learn Reiki.


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