Feel the Butterflies & Do it Anyway

68232701-42E7-4689-999B-EDE7DF980582Hey guys…here is your thought for today…I have a commitment this year to help you think and understand on a completely different level. I don’t want you to be stuck in a poor mindset.

For starters think about this…
When taking on anything new…or taking what you do now to the next level…there are 3 things you should focus on. What you think, what you see…and what you feel. They must all be congruent.

To achieve the pinnacle of success…Internal and external congruency is critical. To act like you are happy on the outside and just work hard, or keep quiet to save the upset of those around you while inside you know something isn’t right…will produce little to no results.

Here is a beautiful picture that illustrates the point…what you see above or in your mind’s eye is the sky…what you see on the surface or in front of you is the landscape….what you see yourself becoming internally…or below the surface…is under water. All 3 must be…”crystal clear”.

Visualize what you want…and what you will do to get it in your mind’s eye. Then take action on your thoughts and internalize…”there is no failure”…only success…or learning. We learn from all our actions in retrospect. Then take the confidence of each success…or the insight from learning…and visualize again, act again, and succeed or learn again. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

We all get the butterflies thinking about the future. Keep these 3 thoughts and visions in alignment…and you can “keep”…the butterflies which is excitement and anticipation and expectation.
Most think butterflies are bad…that’s your body making you ready to perform at your peak. Never avoid the butterflies…learn how to get them to fly…in formation. 🦋🦋🦋

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