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Keto Lifestyle

33DD28C1-F15F-427F-B0F5-9078FC9812EBSlow down the aging process, live healthier, gain energy, improve memory and the list goes on.

What is the ketogenic diet? 

Our bodies are used to using carbohydrates for fuel. All carbs from the food we eat are processed & broken down into glucose is usually the body’s main source of energy. When you eat more carbs than you use immediately your body stores the excess glucose in the liver & muscles as muscle glycogen. Glycogen gets used for energy except when you’ve eaten too much & the extra gets stored as, you guessed it, FAT.

when you follow a KETOGENIC lifestyle, eating fewer carbs, your body begins to use more fat as energy & store less fat. YAY

You feel better, think more clearly, loose weight, appetite decreases and many areas of health may improve.

Healthy Weight Loss

Loose Weight & Feel Great – Keto diet

🥥 Try a KETO diet golden smoothie 🥥0E049EE3-4C36-4C01-A7B3-D96749F3DACD
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup water
3/4 tsp ground Tumeric
Pinch of black pepper*
1 tbs MCT oil
2 tbs protein powder

Put all ingredients into the blender process until smooth, sprinkle a tiny bit of cinnamon on top & drink. Delicious & filling.

*Be sure to add the black pepper as it aids the body in absorbing Tumeric & increases it’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & immune boosting properties.

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Motivational Monday

A55716DF-D993-4968-B54A-B7C7F7F715D3🌟🌟 MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY🌟🌟
3 Health & Wellness Tips to get you through the work week.
1. Load up on anti oxidants 🥗🥙🥦🍊🍋
High natural concentrations of free radical scavengers are found in barley grass, sprouts & dark green vegetables among other nutrients. I mention these because they are easy & quick to eat or use as a powder mixed with water.
2. Drink plenty of water. 1-2 litres per day. 💦
3. Meditate at least 3 times during your work week. It’s great for stress reduction. There is plenty of meditation tracks to be found on the net. 🧘‍♀️


Feel the Butterflies & Do it Anyway

68232701-42E7-4689-999B-EDE7DF980582Hey guys…here is your thought for today…I have a commitment this year to help you think and understand on a completely different level. I don’t want you to be stuck in a poor mindset.

For starters think about this…
When taking on anything new…or taking what you do now to the next level…there are 3 things you should focus on. What you think, what you see…and what you feel. They must all be congruent.

To achieve the pinnacle of success…Internal and external congruency is critical. To act like you are happy on the outside and just work hard, or keep quiet to save the upset of those around you while inside you know something isn’t right…will produce little to no results.

Here is a beautiful picture that illustrates the point…what you see above or in your mind’s eye is the sky…what you see on the surface or in front of you is the landscape….what you see yourself becoming internally…or below the surface…is under water. All 3 must be…”crystal clear”.

Visualize what you want…and what you will do to get it in your mind’s eye. Then take action on your thoughts and internalize…”there is no failure”…only success…or learning. We learn from all our actions in retrospect. Then take the confidence of each success…or the insight from learning…and visualize again, act again, and succeed or learn again. Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

We all get the butterflies thinking about the future. Keep these 3 thoughts and visions in alignment…and you can “keep”…the butterflies which is excitement and anticipation and expectation.
Most think butterflies are bad…that’s your body making you ready to perform at your peak. Never avoid the butterflies…learn how to get them to fly…in formation. 🦋🦋🦋


Want a better Sex Life? Raise your Vibration.


Raise your vibes – having a higher vibration can create some awesome changes in your mood, health, mindset & sex life. The latter of course being the most interesting to many of us. But how can you keep those higher vibes happening on a regular basis?

Well it’s all in our mindset. Thoughts are things. We have to be mindful of our choices & reactions to the world around us.  Let’s look at a couple of ways to keep up the good vibes.

Let’s say something happens you find yourself uncomfortable with. Stop before reacting and think “What are the various ways I can react to this situation?” Don’t invest in situations where you are not directly affected by putting up barriers of negative feelings or engaging in conversation about it.  Stay neutral. Dissolve unhappiness, bitterness and strain. See yourself protected from the situation by an aura of white light surrounding you, take a deep breath and move away from the situation altogether.

In other words retrain your automatic responses. We all have automatic triggers & responses. What we need to do is retrain them so that the response does not leave us in a lower vibration. We want to lift our vibes above the situation.

There’s so many ways to manage our internal energies such as listening to favourite music, looking at artwork you love, calling someone you love just to hear their voice and tell them you love them.

I hope this little article motivates you to learn more and helps you raise your vibes on a regular basis so you can remain happy, healthy & sexy.



Stay Young With Reiki. Find out more.

I have been a Reiki Master / Teacher for 18 years. Reiki has changed my life, my mindset & interactions with others for the better. Also, in my belief, it holds back the aging process in both mind & body giving the face a younger appearance. 5d751569-5ca7-489c-a672-818c8fd690fd.jpegObtain perfect balance in your life.

Reiki is the simplest method of rejuvenating body, mind & spirit. It is a way of positively utilising the endless energy known as “Universal Life Energy “ to revitalise and restore harmony to your life. It is not a religion, a form or exercise or meditation.

You will learn & experience. 63263BA1-1C81-450D-8F60-1DF2C4FDAA22

– How to reduce stress in your life & increase productivity.

– How to give yourself a treatment to boost health & wellbeing.

– How to use your personal power.

– Goal setting.

– Centering and focusing techniques.

– How to treat others with Reiki.

Learn to love yourself, learn Reiki.