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Keto Lifestyle

33DD28C1-F15F-427F-B0F5-9078FC9812EBSlow down the aging process, live healthier, gain energy, improve memory and the list goes on.

What is the ketogenic diet? 

Our bodies are used to using carbohydrates for fuel. All carbs from the food we eat are processed & broken down into glucose is usually the body’s main source of energy. When you eat more carbs than you use immediately your body stores the excess glucose in the liver & muscles as muscle glycogen. Glycogen gets used for energy except when you’ve eaten too much & the extra gets stored as, you guessed it, FAT.

when you follow a KETOGENIC lifestyle, eating fewer carbs, your body begins to use more fat as energy & store less fat. YAY

You feel better, think more clearly, loose weight, appetite decreases and many areas of health may improve.